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CARO'S Most Profitable Holdem Advice

CARO'S Most Profitable Holdem Advice - DiscountCasinoGear.com

Book Description
When Mike Caro writes a book on winning, the poker world takes notice. And it should: Caro is the world's foremost authority on poker theory and psychology, and his work has influenced every professional player including Doyle Brunson, who relies on Caro for all his writing. Caro?s powerful advice covers every aspect of poker with a special emphasis on winning money at hold?em. Packed with psychology, advice on reading opponents, advanced moves, professional techniques, and much more, this includes special sections on internet poker and tournaments.
  • 500 pages
  • English
  • 8.9 x 6 x 1.3
  • weight 1.4
  • paperback

About the Author
Mike Caro, the legendary Mad Genius of Poker is the world?s foremost authority on poker strategy, psychology and statistics, and the author of many best-selling poker books including Caro?s Book of Poker Tells. He is also a leading contributor to Doyle Brunson?s Super System 1 and Super System 2.

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CARO'S Most Profitable Holdem Advice - DiscountCasinoGear.com

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