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Championship Holdem Tournament Hands-McEvoy /Cloutier

Championship Holdem Tournament Hands-McEvoy /Cloutier - DiscountCasinoGear.com

Packed with concepts that will take your game to a championship level, 61 chapters cover every playable hand in limit and no-limit hold'em games. Tons of examples show you how to play every starting hand from every position, from the pre-flop and flop all the way through to the turn and river. Youll also gain tremendous insights into how tournament poker is played at the highest levels. Follow the strategic thinking of world champions through 45 actual hands played at the World Series of Poker as they compete for millions of dollars.

This is your chance to step inside the heads of McEvoy and Cloutier, two tournament legends, as they teach you how to win hold'em tournaments - from weekly limit games with your friends all the way up to the main event! Thorough, powerful, and with secrets you can find nowhere else, this is a must-have book for tournament hold'em players.

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Championship Holdem Tournament Hands-McEvoy /Cloutier - DiscountCasinoGear.com

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