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9 BALL GALAXY Pool Stick

9 BALL GALAXY Pool Stick - DiscountCasinoGear.com

"9 BALL GALAXY Pool Stick"

This stylish cue is 58 inches long and weighs 20 ounces and is made of Hard Wood.

It is a 2 piece cue with Brass Joints to provide a precision fit to guarantee straightness over the length of the stick.

It features a Nine Ball on the butt of the stick. Above the slip proof grip there are several pool balls from the 9 ball game scattered in an outer space theme complete with stars. It is truely a work of art.

The tip of this cue is attached with a threaded brass screw insert for easy replacement and also for solid performance.

This stick comes with a high quality custom fit hard black case. The case is lined with soft cushion felt.

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9 BALL GALAXY Pool Stick - DiscountCasinoGear.com

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